Friday, September 7, 2012

Tutorial for all Hair Trolls

Triana asked me in the comments below for some advice to get perfect color results. So here are the following steps, I recommend:


First you need to bleach your hair to get a bright color. This step is very important, because there is NO PEROXIDE in the semi permanent colors. The bleaching will also roughen the hair structure and the color will be absorbed better. I'm using Schwarzkopf Blonde L1++ Extreme Aufheller Plus to bleach my hair. It is perfect, when you have dark hair, because it brightens up the hair about 6 to 8 nuances. Notice: The lighter the hair, the better and brighter the color.


Before you start with the color, make sure, all of the bleach have been washed out.


You can use disposable gloves and a brush for hair dye, you can buy them in every drug store. By the way you may also need some baby oil, petroleum jelly or cream to protect your skin and ears from getting dyed.


Wet your hair a bit and dry them with a towel. Now dye your hair strand for strand on every side with the color until your hair is thickly covered and let it process for at least 25 minutes. You can also mix the hair dye with some conditioner before you put it in your hair as you can see in the pictures.


Take care of your clothes, dripping dye can color them permanently.

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So if you want to have permanently colorful dyed hair, you have to repeat the procedure from time to time.


  1. Norelle, you are such a beauty and the purple in your hair is just rad <333

  2. did you had to bleach all your hair to dye it? once i tried to bleach it and it fell of:( i need some advice please, i want blue hair and where i live there's no much fantasie dye color brands (i'm from southamerica) i'd apreciate if you could :) great photos tho

    1. I buy my hair dye on the internet. There are many online shops that offer relatively inexpensive hair color products. In my opinion Directions and Stargazer are the best brands. Manic Panic, however, is just waste of money. It's much more expensive than the two others and color results are mediocre. Have fun dyeing! ^_^


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